Trading on the News

Our aim is to help every single Affiliate that we have. This is not an easy market and the road to becoming a successful and independent Trader is long and full of obstacles. Now that you are our Affiliate, we welcome you in this dynamic and thrilling world with a package that will help you to give your first steps. 

We start off with a set of golden rules for Binary Options Trading that you should always keep in mind. Topics such as emotional control and when to stop trading are often forgotten by the majority of the "Coaches/Pro Traders" out there, but we know better. 

Trading the Economical News is a mystery to many, but we teach you how and when to do it, and when NOT to do it. 

To finish we give you an extra treat, a bonus trial period of our Binary Options Signals. 

We are sure you will enjoy this Welcome Package and let me know if you have any questions. 

Rui Oliveira
Rui Oliveira
Senior Coach

About the instructor

My first contact with the investment world was in 1993, when, following the opinion of a college friend, I bought shares of Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor's privatization.

From this day on, I never stopped. I've traded a little bit of everything, including in areas outside the traditional finance market like sports betting or Hyips.

I don't have graduation in Finance, but I have the gained experience because I have already invested in many different areas. I have won many times but also lost a few, which turns out to be helpful because most of the "advice" we hear usually comes from those who have never even tried it.

In 2011, I had a health problem that made me reflect on my life and my dreams. This disease turned out to be the trigger I needed to change.

In 2012, already healed, I quit the company where I was and went in search of my dreams.

Since then, I have learned that nothing is impossible, that with work and more work, perseverance, and confidence in our abilities, we can achieve things that we sometimes think only in dreams can be achieved.

Today I have a lot of blogs and websites, and I've been giving Binary Options courses for about three years. In these courses, I teach people to negotiate and I pass some of my experience.

Much of my day is spent looking at lines, charts, candles, indicators and prices. I develop strategies and automated systems (signals and robots) for trading in binary options and forex.

As one day Confucius said: “Choose a job you enjoy and you will never have to work in your life.”

What's included?

26 Videos
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